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Fair Access to Courts - Booking Terms and Conditions

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Since we incorporated as a non profit in early 2012, THT have worked to increase access to tennis and make it part of our local outdoor culture. We now see well over 10000 people on court every year. Most of our staff are local and we all get an little lift seeing you all out walking or biking to the courts, racquets on your back.

It's been great to expand and improve facilities in partnership with TH Council and witness the big increases in participation recently. That interest does create some challenges for us, which you can all help with.

Ideally we would love to provide as much tennis as anyone would need, but with limited public facilities and a rapidly expanding population in some areas, it's impossible.

We want to be reasonable. Please stick to some basics to help :

- Maximum two hours on court per day (1 hour Wapping Gardens)

- Avoid playing at peak times on consecutive days

We reserve the right to cancel bookings outside these terms.

Above all, enjoy your time on court


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