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Adult Courses & Workshops

Course Details

  • Sessions for complete beginners to intermediate players

  • Run by Accredited or Accredited+ LTA Coaches, sometimes with a support coach.

  • Lessons run across two courts within a group of similar ability

  • A combination of game and drill based learning, with on court matchplay

  • Courses run for 5 or 6 week block, 1 hour a week, 6 week course £51

  • Workshops are single date usually 90 - 120 minutes £14-20

adult tennis courses and workshops

Key Terms and Conditions

  • Courses are booked as a block of dates, not transferable

  • To help us meet demand, please book only one peak time course a week (2 x weekday daytime sessions ok)

  • Any rain cancelled weeks will usually be added as an extra week at the end of the course then subsequent cancellations will be credited. Please ensure you are free for the "extra week"

  • In some cases coaches may ask customers to move a level after their first session, please ask us if you need advice on picking a course

  • Course cancellation , 7 days before start date

Booking Tips

  • You will be taken to our booking platform to complete your booking

  • Calendar shows start date, view details for all dates

  • If you have a credit code but it is not working, please purchase course and contact customer service for a refund.

  • If you do not receive confirmation within 10 minutes of booking, please email us

  • If you are booking for someone else with your booking account, please email us their details.

Priority Booking

  • Courses are released every 6 weeks and are generally oversubscribed

  • We run a tiered release of courses to manage demand and ensure learning continuity.

  1. Priority - those on current courses

  2. Early email - those asking about courses within last 6 months

  3. General public

  • Please email us to be added to the lis

L1 - Beginners &
Back to Tennis Basics

The Level 1 course will teach and re-inforce the basic technique of the modern forehand, backhand, volley, and serve. It is quite common to stay on L1 for more than one 5/6 week cycle, helping to prepare for L2.

L2 Improving Beginners

Level 2 builds on the foundations taught at L1 and is suited to those are already able to . To move to L2 you need to be able to read and react appropriately to an incoming ball and demonstrate correct technique for serve, forehand backhand and volley. The course will teach how to improve your existing  strokes and introduce tactical awareness. Some players book multiple L2 courses or move onto recreational social tennis or local competition.,

L3 Improver+

For players who are able to consistently maintain a 8-10 ball baseline rally at good speed using both forehand and backhand. Also who are able to demonstrate solid control and accuracy with serves and volleys.


This course will help players further develop power and spin on all their strokes, better footwork and positioning, and greater tactical awareness.

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