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Court 4 Condition - Bethnal Green Gardens

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

THT have been working since 2011 to improve outdoor park tennis facilities in the East End. When we started, all of the courts in the parks we now operate were either bare macadam or unmaintained.

Bethnal Green Gardens was resurfaced at the same time as Victoria Park (Spring 2012) and for those of you playing at both locations, the difference is clear.

Under the current contract, THT we are responsible for annual maintenance of the courts, the council for resurfacing when courts are worn out (usually 10-12 years). Unfortunately tree residue and prior lack of cleaning from the council in the early years has lead to significant deterioration of court 4. We have tried to throw some maintenance money at this, but the court now needs resurfacing.

The original council planning for resurfacing has been advanced and they have informed us that the works will be done in the Spring 2022, contractor dependent. We've been trying to keep the court playable for 3 years now. It is not completely unplayable or unsafe, but is not as good a surface as the other 4. Please bear with us as we are still looking at options to see if we can improve play there for the summer.


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