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Bethnal Green - Resurfacing

Back in 2011, we worked locally to gain support for funding to improve the courts in this neck of the woods. Since we started we've seen some huge improvements and 10s of thousands of you on court. Every year, your court booking revenue pays our lease fees with the Council, which covers replacement costs of these wonderful facilities we now have.

Unfortunately the surface at Bethnal Green Gardens has deteriorated much quicker than Victoria Park which is the same age, mainly due to corrosion from organic debris and tree sap. Cleaning and treeworks by our partners the Council, have improved.

The Courts at Bethnal Green will close soon. We are really looking forward to 4 brand new surfaces and LED lighting. Court availability will be restricted as our programme and court demand will shift to other locations. We expect to have temporary fair access terms in place, which will affect more frequent players.

More information early next week.


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